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Together I.T. was formed to provide small businesses with the option of gaining access to resources that had all the necessary skill sets to support their I.T. infrastructure without the need to employing them full-time. For example, if the business needed advice on purchasing new software Together I.T. is available to lead or assist in the research for the software and with many years of dealing with and working for software vendors lead the negotiations on the purchase of the software.

Equally as businesses grow the need for more stringent I.T. policies are required. Together I.T. can assist in providing advice on what I.T. policies may be required and help plan for this growth.

When dealing with our team you can expect answers that you can understand. Our consultants have a broad range of experience with not only technology but also in small business consulting.

Together I.T. integrates with your business to provide an outsourced I.T. solution, keeping costs down while ensuring your business has the best technology solution available.

Together I.T. keeps you and I.T. together.